Amosu Blackberry Pearl Limited Diamond Edition for $90,000

Goldstriker is having a tough fight from none other than Amosu as they unveil their latest Blackberry Pearl Diamond Edition. Renowned for satisfying the uber-rich folk’s craving for ultimate luxury, they recreate a bejeweled version of gadgets that are most sought. The 18 karat white gold sides and back are caked with 900 diamonds. The Pearl Diamond edition also boasts of the fact that all of these diamonds are recyclable and reusable. So when you want to discard this cell phone, you just need to transfer the glittery rocks onto something newer.

It also comes with a concierge service, allowing owners access to a higher class of events and services. Flaunt your style and riches with this 45,000 British pounds ($90,000) Amosu Blackberry Pearl Limited Diamond Edition.

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