An opulent iPhone 4 by Gresso to make a style statement

iPhone 4 is the latest gadget fad to and if you want to show to the world you are a rich gadget lover, Gresso has just the thing for you! After making Monaco flash drives, Avantgarde Collection of Cellphones, Avantgarde Skeleton Collection, fancy flash drives and women’s special Grand Monaco red alligator skin cell phone the luxury mobile phone manufacturing company is all set to create limited edition 18carat modified iPhone 4s. Crafted out of unique 200-year-old African Blackwood, and finished with 18carat gold, these limited classical iPhone designs for men and women are truly one of a kind: no two African Blackwood trees resemble each other.

The men’s version is priced at$ 3000 and the Swarovski-studded women’s model is priced at $3500. Click here for details.

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