AOC and Porsche join hands for a series of new single-cable monitors

Not sure if any of you have ever noticed or analyzed the aesthetic appeal of monitors in depth, but if you ever get the chance to, your eyes will instantly notice the dangling and writhing cables that spoil their attractiveness to a huge extent. With an aim to beautify these tech gadgets for you, Porsche and AOC have recently joined hands to manufacture, design and roll out new monitors that come minus the multiple cables.

Available in two new Full HD displays — the 24-inch PDS241 and the 27-inch PDS271 luxe monitors come with a single cable that is stylishly routed through the stand and comes out the back. It is this lone and pretty looking cable alone that combines the power and HDMI inputs in one place, thus saving us from the ghastly sight of various hanging cables. The clever design philosophy between the brands has been inspired by principals of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. As per him, “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious. In its purest sense, a monitor is just a screen. But the screen is meant to provide a beautiful visual experience, and that experience is often marred by unsightly cables hanging down from the monitor’s ports.”

The result of this deep analysis is the fresh AOC X Porsche monitor for you! It is currently being sold via Amazon for $199 and $ 249 for the 24 and 27 inch versions respectively. Owning to instant popularity, both versions are currently out of stock. However, they will probably will be stocked up soon for ardent buyers anyway!


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