At $1000, the Apple iPhone 8 may be the most expensive iPhone till date

The anticipation for Apple’s iPhone 8 is gradually building as bits and pieces of information about the anniversary model hit the tech grapevine and if rumors are to be believed then this anniversary model will be priced over $1000. This would effectively make it the most expensive phone Apple has ever produced. Features like edge-to-edge OLED display and 3D sensing are the factors that have driven up the price of the phone.

This price isn’t a huge leap give that the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus already sells for $969, and the OLED display will be more expensive to produce. The 5.8 inch iPhone 8 will likely be made from forged stainless steel but with a glass back rather the usual aluminum. Fast Company states that the design will likely be a “smooth monolith with few visual interruptions”. In fact, the company is trying to do away with the buttons too. The company is trying to move the Home button below the surface of the display and replace the buttons on the side of the phone with touch-sensitive inlays.

Rumors also about that the phone will include 3D sensing technology, a bigger battery and modem chips from Intel. The company will probably announce their new phone come fall and alongside the iPhone 8 will be an iPhone 7s with a 5.5 inch screen. However, the specifications outlined here are far from set in stone, Fast Company points out that Apple can make changes to the upcoming phone and our guess is that they probably will.


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