Apple stores are installing special safes to store the 18K gold Apple watches

If you ever thought that Apple was one of those companies that believe their products are a cut above the rest, that sentiment is now solidified. In recent news and in anticipation of their upcoming launch of the highly anticipated Apple Watch, the company is readying their stores with special safes to ensure that their all too precious device is in the safest of environments.

But to be clear (and fair), this isn’t for their run-off-the-mill Apple Watches, but for their special edition, ultra luxurious, 18-karat rose gold Apple Watch series. Customs safes that would also feature Apple Watch MagSafe chargers will be fitted into all Apple Stores carrying the luxury edition series of the smart wearable type device.

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The Apple Watch is due to hit shelves this coming April and will be available in two color options featuring a bezel in either gold or silver. Customers will also have the opportunity to select from a range of bands from Sporty colors or leather options for a classier touch. The superb looking Sapphire Crystal display will ensure that visibility is not inhibited by unsightly scratches that could occur from regular wear and tear. The Apple stores themselves will undergo some alterations to better fit their Watch sections so that customers can get the best experience. It’s also been reported that specially trained Apple employees will be travelling to stores to help train store eps on the best possible way to demo the new product. Apps and systems are also in rigorous testing before final launch so let’s just hope no “necessary” software updates are required too soon.

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Although the price of the luxury edition Apple Watch hasn’t been announced, regular edition watches should be priced in the vicinity of around $350. The Gold editions are however, expected to retail for a few thousand, and seeing as Apple stores have not been immune to break-ins and such, safety is naturally of the utmost importance. Last year in December, it was reported that a Diamond Studded Apple Watch was selling for a whopping $30,000, so we can assume the Gold editions to extremely high priced as well though perhaps not in the same league.

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