Apple Watch fails to impress the haute couture crowd

The Apple Watch has finally made it to the big stage in a more formal light. The first new product to make it out under Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was destined to be the fashion statement in technology of the season… or so we thought. With its luxury variants ranging in the $17,000 price bracket, and it’s more affordable (and I say that with a little sarcasm) $350 edition for those that can’t afford to walk around with 18K Rose Gold watches all the time, the company failed to make a major impact on the fashionistas.

Even with supermodel Christy Turlington Burns on stage showing off the new Apple wrist gear tech, the haut couture crowd who, to be fair, are not easy to impress, were not overwhelmed by Apple’s latest offering, even in its more audacious editions. There’s no denying that the higher-end Apple Watch is truly a masterpiece in terms of design and form, but – is it really fashion, or just some luxury-ised technology? – was the question that needed to be answered. Apparently, the big-wigs in fashion world thought it not.

With devices like the LG Watch Urbane, the Samsung Diesel Black & Gold or the Intel MICA to name a few already making headway into the fashion domain, Apple has plenty competition. It’s good looks just didn’t seem enough to make the fashionistas sit up and take notice, then again, it could simply be because of all the pre-launch announcements, rumors, leaks and variants that were around for so long that the industry already moved on and simply said – ho hum, what’s next?

The big names like Chanel, Givenchy and Hermes seemed to think that its forte lay in the Apple Watch remaining a gadget as opposed to it being a fashion statement made for the season, some reports seemed to indicate. Others who spoke to fashion based individuals like models and salespeople all seemed to think that the fashion world was not altogether interested in the Apple Watch, but somewhat acknowledged its presence nonetheless. Some French newspapers buried the launch of the device on their finance pages without it showing up in their fashion segments. That’s saying something.

The only way Apple is going to push this product into that world is by proving, once and for all, that it is not merely a smartwatch but that it also opens up a new gateway into communication and does so by delivering it to consumers in a chic, slick looking product. So yes, apps will take precedence over the device’s looks and will be the driving force behind its sales.

Personally, it’s a great looking device, but even the base models seem to look rather delicate, even if they feature a solid build quality and sapphire crystal glass. I think the word I would use, without an ounce of sexism, is ‘dainty’. But all said and done, for Apple’s core audience and geeks across the globe, the lines outside their stores may have already commenced… of this, I have no doubt. I’m sure Apple already knows, there’s just no pleasing everyone. You can’t win ’em all Apple.

[Via – Economic-Times]

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