Apple Ipod 24 Carat Gold is here for blinging music

Since ages, man’s enthrallment with gold has given rise all kinds of bizarre yet magnificent objects. Just like any gadget in Pink appeals to the fairer sex, any gadget in Gold will charm all of the ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ gender too. Here is a dazzling Apple iPod in real 24carat Gold….rather ‘unique hardened mirror gold’! If you have succumbed to the power of Gold then order one of the Ipod, Nano or Ipod video (80GB or 30GB) with a black or white front. Flashy price-tags and images follow…..

80GB Video Black Front for £399 ($800), 80GB Video White Front for , 30GB Video Black Front for £299 ($600), 30GB Video White Front for £299 ($600).

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