Are these gold plated earplugs worth the $250 price tag?

Silence is golden, but do your earplugs have to be golden too? Flare Audio certainly seems to think so since they’re trying to sell us $250 earplugs that are gold plated. Called Isolate, the earplugs claim to be unlike other earplugs as they “block direct sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies without any batteries or annoying re-charging.”

The company’s website states that “density of metal prevents soundwaves from penetrating, and where traditional ear plugs fail to block that subsonic dirge, ours does it beautifully.” Okay, we get the logic behind using metal earplugs, but isn’t gold a little unnecessary? In fact, the company also offers Isolate in titanium and rhodium.

If you really want high quality silence, opt for the aluminum set priced at $31. They come in a number of colors and do the same job. The gold and rhodium sets are definitely worth a miss.

[Available at:Flareaudio]

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