ARRI introduces $60,000 Alexa Supercamera

A good quality camera figures high on the list of every budding filmmaker. But budget constraints usually never allow amateur filmmakers to indulge in a very high-quality camera. If you are one of the few amateur filmmakers who have absolutely no budget constraints, then you must go all out and invest in the amazing Alexa super camera from ARRI. Flaunting a $60,000 price tag, this super camera from the legendary makers of a film camera boasts of a Super 35 CMOS Bayer sensor developed by ARRI themselves. This sensor allows the user to shoot uncompressed 2K resolutions to an external hard drive or in 1080p to flash memory thanks to an SxS card module, which can be swapped out for different storage sometime in the future.

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Furthermore, with the Alexa super camera, you can shoot high-definition, 1080p video, import it to Final Cut Pro and edit it without spending length hours converting the video first. With Alexa, ARRI is competing with RED for the high-end, professional-caliber digital camera market section.
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