ArtMotion offers art and entertainment with the new Deluxe Art Window

Combining art and technology is usually known to yield some successful results. And this latest experiment from ArtMotion, too, seems to have hit a winning note. Adding that much-needed touch of aesthetics to your high-tech Smart TV is their creation known as the Deluxe Art Window. Yes, while the LCD and sleek features of the Smart TV design might be appealing, it still looks dull on the wall when it is turned off. This is where the ingenious Deluxe Art Window comes into play. Functioning as a smart frame for your high-tech flat panel TV, it unhinges at the top to slide your television in once you are done viewing. A perfect abode for your TV, once inside, it will reflect screensavers designed by artist David Miller.

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The Deluxe Art Window is however not just about art. It also acts as the perfect home entertainment system as its aesthetic window shutters are home to a 10 speaker audio system powered by a 1,000 watt amplifier. All I can say is that the folks over at ArtMotion have definitely created the perfect mix of art and technology.
[ArtmotionTech via Chipchick]

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