Asus and Lamborghini get together once again to give to high class computing accessories

When Asus met Lamborghini, the world saw the VX2, the VX5, the VX6 and the ZX1 . Now if you have all these, you need a place to stack up the goodies too right? And so the nice little liaison, has now decide to give us just that! The latest offing in the range from Asus are some beautiful accessories that feature a Lamborghini backpack, laptop case, laptop cover, WX-wireless mouse (that boasts of laser precision with 10-meter range) and 640GB HDDs that has gloss scratch-resistant coating, and c an be picked up in either black or white.

Designed by Sant’Agata Bolognese, the accessories will spot the Lamborghini bull, and these bags can stash in your 12-inch or 17-inch notebooks. Rush to grab one fast!