Atlantic Technologies and Epson America unveil three new Ensemble HD Home Cinema Systems

The collaboration between Atlantic Technologies and Epson America to develop home theater systems has led to three Ensemble HD Home Cinema Systems for the A/V specialty, CE installation channels. In line with the earlier Ensemble systems, the new systems also beautifully meld Atlantic’s advanced audio technology with Epson’s high-performance 3LCD HD front-projection technology.

The right-left and front speaker channels are incorporated into a special 100-inch motorized projection screen that is part of this Ensemble package. In contrast, the surround speakers are built into the projector’s cradle mount. The new range is easy to install and promises an experience like never before. Each system ships with an A/V controller that connects to the projector via an HDMI cable.
The controller houses a built-in DVD player, PixelWorks 1080p up-converting video processor (HQV Reon processing in the flagship 6500 model), AM/FM tuner, iPod/MP3 player port, two HDMI v1.3 inputs, and one set of HD component video inputs. The system also includes a 10-inch subwoofer with 5.1 channels of built-in system amplification and circuitry to optimize the setup for any room environment.
Here are the three systems along with their price that promise to mesmerize you with their performance. The Ensemble HD Home Cinema System 720 is priced at $4,999, while the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System 6100 is tagged at $7,000. And the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System 6500 comes for $8000. An amazing range, the Ensemble systems are sure to strike the right chord with the buyers.

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