Bachelors have fun with the Surface Tension Coffee Table!

If you are a bachelor who loves coffee and gaming much more than your gal then you just got lucky with the Surface Tension coffee table and you can’t get luckier than this. Apart from the very retro and chic look, it’s got a very contradicting feature too. The high-gloss top of the Surface Tension table adds a taste of arcade chic to a living room, housing a monitor beneath the glass tabletop and classic controls on the side. So while you sip coffee you can also get gaming and have the time of your life! This console is built around a Windows PC and you can cue it up most of your favorite PC games. With built-in Apple’s Airport Express Wi-Fi you can browse the Web wirelessly and download stuff from iTunes and add on to the fun! Did I also mention that the Surface Tension Coffee Table also comes with a digital photo viewer?

With all this in the offering, you can’t call them mean for charging you $6,635. These tables are made in the U.K so it goes without saying that the shipping charges are gonna add up to that already staggering amount!