Bang & Olufsen unveils a $30,000 speaker that is a dream for audiophiles and design aficionados

Three things that we’ve come to expect from Bang and Olufsen over the years are: aesthetic beauty, functionality and fantastic audio quality. Their BeoLab 50 speakers do not disappoint. The floor standing speakers use similar technology to the company’s bank breaking $84,990 BeoLab 90 speakers and come with a (relatively!) modest price tag of $37, 710 per pair.

The speaker has a small footprint overall, but boasts beautiful design with a curved base. It mixes aluminum elements with its warm oak lamellas offering that trademark minimal but striking design sensibility. A feature called Beam Width Control alters the speakers sound delivery tailored to the position of the audience, while Active Room Compensation technology measures the acoustical behavior of your room and creates a set of custom filters that compensate for reflections from walls and furniture in different listening areas.

The BeoLab 50 speaker is now available for purchase.

You can learn more about it here: [Bang-Olufsen]

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