Bang and Olufsen dishes out BeoSound 5

If you have been looking for a digital audio system that was high on performance as well as features, then you are at the right place. Bang and Olufsen has introduces the BeoSound 5 Digital Audio system in the Bang and Olufsen’s North American showrooms. The system combines physical elements such as aluminum wheels and tactile wheels with virtual ones such as the laser point and a specially developed GUI on a 10.4” LCD display. The BeoSound 5 fits in a 500GB hard drive for storage of digital music files, Internet radio streaming, lossless WMA support and one hand operation.

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It’s most gripping feature is its unique intelligent playlist technology that scans ones library and finds similar tracks based on parameters such as sound, dynamics and rhythmic aspects. It runs you only $5,900 for all those heady features. It’s available in February only in the North American B&O showrooms so don’t forget to add your airfare to the cost.

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