Bang And Olufsen release its new trendy phone the ‘BeoCom 2’

Bang and Olufsen are well known for producing high-end products like telephones and other electronic devices. The Danish company is all set to launch its cordless phone- the ‘BeoCom 2’, in Korea soon. The sleek and trendy designer phone has achieved its slender look from just one piece of curved aluminum. And the smart shape not only gives the phone a unique look but also promises to make the task of picking up a phone and dialing with one hand much easier. This sleek beauty is available in various chic colors that include white, blue, yellow, gray, black, and natural aluminum.

The creative and trendy designer phone is sure to add a touch of style to your room. Priced at 1,790,000 KRW ($1,370), BeoCom 2 promises to become the next big thing in Korea’s designer phones.

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