Bang and Olufsen to launch exclusive range of golden colored products

Bang and Olufsen are well known for producing the most well-styled and hi-tech products. Each design and color scheme only enhances the appeal of their products. Banking on their exquisite knack for picking just the right colors for their products, the company has taken a major step by introducing the color Golden in their color scheme. Yes, now clients can look forward to some special and exclusive golden-colored products. Only selected products – including some of Bang & Olufsen’s most iconic video and audio products as well as a range of complementary loudspeakers can be ordered as golden variants, and there will be a premium price for the golden color, which will be made to order only.

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The idea to go golden came when the company was requested by the exclusive boutique hotel Villa Rothschild in Königstein, Germany, to create golden-colored products for them. Targeted especially towards the high-end customers and buyers, these products are sure to be winners.
A unique idea, the ‘Midas’ touch will only increase the glamour of these products.

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