Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 5 home phone for modern homes

If it’s chic and luxurious products (along with the best technology and performance), you seek then Bang & Olufsen is the brand for you. The electronics maker has lived up to all its expectations and pleased customers with its stylish and high-quality products. And although most of us have forgotten about landlines, this company is still creating some of the most amazing home phones ever. The BecoCom 5 home phone is one such cordless phone from the famous company that woos one and all with its unique design and hi-tech features.

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The BeoCom 5 handles two-landlines plus PC-based VoIP calls, and its portable speaker can double as a charger. The sleek black phone with an aluminum scroll is one stylish gadget; when ‘docked’ on the speaker, the phone is held in place via magnets.
No word is available on the pricing yet, but like all other exquisite products from this company, the BeoCom 5 too promises to be expensive.