Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV launched

Well, if you loved the BeoVision 10-46 but missed the bus, then Bang & Olufsen is just out with yet another limited edition version called the Chanterelle TV. The new version sports new speaker grille and trim in a beige color scheme. Apaprt from the new look, you can buy complimenting accessories, like the he BeoLab 6002 Chanterelle floor-standing speakers and an easel stand, and the speakers can be purchased only with the TV, not as a standalone accessory.

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With just 500 BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle TV up for grabs, the numbers tagged 8 and 88 have already been picked out by their Chinese customers (8 being a auspicious Chinese number). The BeoVision 10-46 Chanterelle will cost you £7,400 ($11,660), while you will have to spend £2,600 ($5,000) for the BeoLab 6002 Chanterelle speaker and an additional £360 ($535) the easel stand. Click here for more details

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