Bang & Olufsen Touchless remote control is too good to be real

Every time I watch a SciFi flick, I get greedy for all those out-of-the-world gadgets. So many times they show that there is nothing concrete, someone is only pressing some buttons in the air. Trust Bang & Olufsen to make this fantasy into reality with Touchless B&O remote control. Still a prototype, it was designed by Joris Van Gelder. Inspired by the idea of making a remote control exclusively for kitchen use, he wanted to come up with something you didn’t need to touch. Cause remote controls are considered to be one of the gadgets that house maximum bacteria. Voila, he succeeded in doing so, and here is the first of its kind at work. Looks really nice, but since it’s still a concept, we need to dirty our remotes till we can buy these touchless remotes off the shelf. Roll over for the video….