Bang & Olufsen unveils the BeoLab 11 Subwoofer

If unbeatable quality along with stylish design is what you seek when it comes to electronics, then Bang & Olufsen is the brand for you. The latest offering from the famed high-end electronics maker is the BeoLab 11 subwoofer. A treat for every music lover and a threat for neighbors (the loud music will mean endless sleepless nights for them), this subwoofer combines stylish design with unmatched performance. Promising some amazing bass, this subwoofer features two 6.5-inch drivers facing each other in an aluminum shell. A must-have for the style-conscious music buff, the BeoLab 11 is awesome.

Priced at $2000, the BeoLab 11 will be available in the North American markets by May 2010.

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