Bang & Olufsen’s Serene Hits the American shores

Bang & Olufsen crosses the threshold of American cell phone space by launching their Serene mobile phone, first announced over a year ago. Serene, co-developed by Samsung, is revolutionizing the mobile phone industry with its unrivalled performance, extreme convenience, and remarkable design. It offers the ultimate in quality, elegant design, and simplicity. Unconventional with its one-step thumb operation and flipped form – the display screen and microphone appear on the bottom half, while the keypad and speaker are on the top -Serene is based on the premise that less is more.

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It includes a built in camera, SMS, MMS, email, calendar WAP, and Bluetooth technology. The phone comes with a brushed aluminum docking station and travel charger. Serene can be showcased with its exclusive Louis Vuitton leather case, designed especially for Bang & Olufsen and available in select Louis Vuitton stores. Priced at $1300, US citizens can now unwind with Serene.

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