Bang&Olufsen creates another winner with the BeoVision 10 TV

Luxury electronics maker, Bang&Olufsen has been wowing the elite crowd with its BeoVision series of televisions. The latest in the BeoVision line up is the BeoVision 10 which has made its appearance in London. The gigantic TV offers great quality and performance like all other TV’s from the electronics maker. The gigantic entertainment screen is priced at a whopping £6,000 (almost $10,000)! But that includes custom installation, a cutesy remote that’ll come pre-programmed with settings for your various set-top boxes, AV equipment and even home automation kit. Besides that, the TV is also accompanied by a proprietary frame that’ll let the Bang&Olufsen BeoVision 10 swing outwards from a wall from its edge.

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The slim screen is lit with LED’s on the side and the screen up front is a full HD, 40 inch panel. Features include built in speakers and a subwoofer. There are four 10W amps inside, and one 50W amp for the sub. All of which are hidden smartly with inter-changeable grilles secured with hooks and magnets. If that’s not enough, this sleek TV comes with a hi-tech remote that will surely delight every user. The remote features a circle of keys, a touchscreen display capable of showing channel logos, or morphing to hold functions of other devices. The remote’s screen senses when it’s being touched, and also clicks as you press down.
A TV and remote that only the opulent few can take advantage of, it is definitely a class apart.

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