Barco NX-4 LED Wall costs $2.2 million.

If you had always wanted something much more unique and special than a regular home theatre system, you might want to try out this cool LED wall. The Barco NX-4 LED Wall is being touted as one of the most expensive displays ever and comes at a hefty price of $2.2 million. You can expect this to tower over you when you install it in your house with a dimension of about 26.46 feet wide x 14.88 feet tall (162 tiles).

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It might just be a trendsetter and may set standards in the visual arena and indoor LED technology. Get something like this, and your visitors would never stop gushing over your refined tastes in technology and gadgets. You could also try purchasing other displays like the DynaScan or even the Liebherr WTes4677 Vinidor which cost much lesser than the $2.2 million.
Via: Tech E Blog

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