BauXar Marty101 MartyWear Speakers

When we have review speakers, it’s quite confusing as each one has their own needs and choice. Well we all agree on one thing though, that they should be powerful enough to make some noise! The BauXar Marty 101 MartyWear Speakers score high on looks and with a built-in amplifier to power the 360-degree sound coming from the mini-plug audio-in is absolutely wicked. The Built-in 6W amplifier for better and clearer sound adopts ABS resin material, which smoothly transmits the sound wave. Featuring a unique tower design, it has a convenient universal 100~240V voltage adaptor so you can playback anywhere in the world. This three-foot tower weighs about 1,800 gms. And has the external size: W85 x D105 x H310 mm It has Input impedance: 7k ohms or more and Playback technology: Timed main theory.

The BauXar Marty 101 MartyWear Speakers come in three different colors: Black / Brown / Beige and cost $400.

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