Beatbox Sweet Sixteen by Beats by Dr. Dre marks Colette’s 16th birthday

French retailer Colette is known for their unique collaborations, be it for a line of cars with Aston Martin or a line of bags with Jeremy Scott. In celebration of their 16th birthday this year they’ve invited 16 designers to work with them on unique products. One of these designers is of course Dr. Dre, because let’s be honest Beats by Dr. Dre is collaborating with everyone. They’ve taken the Beatbox and collaborated with Baron Von Fancy, a New York based artist to create what looks like a left over ornament from a bratty Sweet 16 party.

However the front of the beatbox is still dominated by the signature Dr.Dre black speaker grilles. Colette has created only 16 of these units, with each of these Beats by Dre X Colette Beatboxes costing $432.

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Via Chipchik

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