Becker’s Traffic Assist Pro for Ferrai

If it’s red and it’s on wheels then it’s got to be a Farrari. Wheels aside, any other accessory for it too has to be in that flaming color of desire. Becker’s Traffic Assist Pro for Ferrai is a navigating system that is capable of keeping a list of speed radars, which will be available on the SCDB database. It also can receive TMC information. It has specs like: Receiver GPS integrated with chip GPS SiRF III, Processor with 400 MHz, structures CISC. It has a Touch screen TFT 4″ 65536 with anti-reflecting colors.

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It also has Storage internal flash of 64 MB. With High integrated speaker of 2 Watts it also supports Reader of music MP3/WMA. Navteq maps of the 37 countries of Europe on a memory board of 2 GB. The new Becker’s Traffic Assist Pro for Ferrai will be out any day this month and has a price tag of $897 (700 Euros).

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