Bejeweled Jabra BT160

Add a sparkle to your sense of hearing by adorning your ear with this jeweled headset. Communicate in the blinging style that’s right for you! We’ve always had a slight issue with Bluetooth headsets. Don’t get us wrong; they’re practical and for those who are constantly on the phone, especially while driving a car, they are very useful, but we feel that people usually look quite odd wearing them. At Jabra, they make sure Bluetooth mobile headset design moves with the times. With the new Jabra BT160, you don’t have to look like a switchboard operator or corporate madman anymore! Bejeweled headsets have hit the boutique stores in Europe. Jabra has unwrapped a Limited Edition Jabra BT160 Swarovski covered headset throughout select European boutiques.

Swarovski crystals are here to rule us and we can see it sprouting in diverse forms time and again. Sad to say, but there’s no word on pricing and availability in US stores yet.

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