Bellperre’s bespoken luxury cell phone blends fashion with tech

Bellperre is venturing out of the woods into the world of customization by offering a high fashion luxury phone. Their latest bespoke service allows the consumer to walk away with a cell phone exclusively designed to their taste. The company offers a chance to dress up the solid metal frame and steel buttons in luxurious finishes like brushed steel and polished silver. And those who seek bling can opt for 18K rosé gold and 24K yellow gold finish. A choice of more than 125 exotic leather skins helps to add final touches. Opt from black buffalo, brown lizard, pink crocodile, red shark and ostrich leather to beautify Bellperre’s latest cell phone.

Under this luxurious makeover lie high-tech specs like 5 megapixel flash camera, GPS, quad-band and 80 language options. Intended to target clients from every corner of the globe, the cell phone comes with an option of Cyrillic, Chinese and Arabic keypads. 2.2 inch display is protected with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. No word on price range yet.

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