Beyoncé now sports the near-legendary gold Apple Watch

Beyoncé may be a fan of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (just like us commoners) but when she steps out, she likes to stand out. She was sporting Coachella staples like a feathered headgear and ripped jean shorts, but the one accessory nobody could copy? Her gold link bracelet Apple Watch.

It seems like Apple has created an ultra-exclusive list of people who get to own their coveted, Midas touched watch, and so far only Karl Largerfeld and Beyoncé have made the cut. While Karl debuted his wrist candy on his assistant’s Instagram, Beyoncé wore hers to Coachella and posted a close-up on her website along with other pictures in which it is clearly visible on her wrist. Clearly, the motto among this tech savvy set is “If Apple gave it to you, you better flaunt it!”

The Gold Link Apple Watch now is practically a legend. Celebs like Katy Perry and Pharell who were actually given Apple watches before the product was even released were sporting the standard version. There is no mention of the gold version on the website nor has anyone apart from Largerfeld and Knowles been seen wearing it. Macrumors had estimated the price of this gilded wonder-watch to be over $25,000.

[Via – Businessinsider]

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