Bill Gates gifts Korean President Xbox 360

When Bill Gates met President Lee Myung-bak at Cheong Wa Dae on May 6, the Microsoft chairman came bearing a very special gift: a Microsoft Xbox video game console inlaid with traditional Korean mother-of-pearl. In fact, 100 similar Xboxes are being prepared by a Korean artisan, intended as special VIP gifts from the Microsoft chief. The decoration is the handiwork of Kim Young-jun, the head of a manufacturing company called Gookbo. Microsoft was looking for a unique decoration representing traditional Korean beauty. Kim decorated the console with mother-of-pearl ume flowers and butterflies symbolizing patience and perseverance and treated the surface with a special substance. He entitled the final product “Peace”.

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I’m expressing my hopes for world peace through the ume flowers and butterflies existing together in harmony Kim said. He made three such Xboxes — one for President Lee, one for Gates and another as a “just-in-case” spare, which he is holding onto himself.