Blackberry Bold decked in Gold, Diamonds and Ostrich skin

Blackberry seems to be on a bling roll after the diamond encrusted pink blackberry bold and now the Blackberry Bold in white gold, diamond encrusted and ostrich skin version. This version is not only available in different colors, but it provides you options for customization as well. Like the most daring can have a skull, and the others can get a Celtic cross or their initials engraved. Pave of 205 diamonds could be teamed up with several choices such as Ostrich, Stingray, Lizard and Alligator.

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Also its keyboard can be arranged either in the QUERTY format or the AZERTY format. The phone is made in a workshop that serves fine jewelry for larger brands. But the bad news is that this version of the Blackberry Bold is available in a limited edition of only 50 pieces world-wide, so hurry and order your phone before it’s out of stock!

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