Bling and brilliance with Glitter King’s microphone range

Glitter King really knows it’s bling. Its range of Sennheiser microphones are amusing and interesting and makes an ideal possession for not just theme nights but also to encourage kids to use the real thing than only their mother’s brushes to ape their favorite pop stars. Be it their ‘Rocking Berlin’ or ‘London Rock City’ or ‘LA Rockers’ or ‘Dubai Jazz’ or even their ‘Pink House Rock’ – the microphones offer the right style for the right genre and the right musical mood. Colorful glitter, silver stars, and chunky squares make for these sets and ideal tools for vibrant entertainment. The microphones are priced between $360 and $950 depending on standard, medium, and premium quality products. Shure wireless microphones can be a cheaper alternative to the Bling King from Sennheiser.

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