Bling goes yet another Christian Dior phone

It’s a new trend adopted by Fashion Houses to design accessories than clothes anymore. Not to be outdone by the guys at Armani and Prada, it seems that Christian Dior has a mobile phone in the works as well. Very little is known about this handset at this time, but insider sources are saying that Christian Dior plans to make a formal unveiling this Friday, May 16. As you can see from the provided image, the Christian Dior fashion phone will feature a slim clamshell design, complete with what appear to be crystals or diamonds along the hinge and on the top cover. The keypad looks to be remarkably flush and there might even be a few more crystals for the five-way navigator. Also pictured is a remote control that accompanies the phone. My guess is that the remote is for Bluetooth music listening.

The features are almost the same as other models in the market but it’s the Bling and the Tag-Christian Dior that shall work miraculously.

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