BodyVib’s Vibrating Dumbbells cuts your workout time in half

Working out and pumping iron to get fit seems to be passé in the age of gadgets. And after hordes of automated gym and at home work out equipment, its time to mechanize those heavy dumbbells too, at least that is what BodyVib has done for now. These new weights can vibrate at or 2,160 vibrations/min with an amplitude of 1.2mm, that is said to “intensify” your workout by as much as 50%. All you need to do is charge the gadget for 30 to 50 minutes and enjoy the vibrations in your muscles for almost 2.5 hours and burn more energy in lesser time and with lasting results.

The weights are available in 3.3, 6 and 10 pound pairs, and are priced between $1,060 and $1,190. Not too bad for a quick workout with impressive results, but it certainly pulls out the charm of hardcore gymming.

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