Boenicke Audio W20SE loudspeakers give off woody resonance

We’re certainly not devoid of all-metal, mirror-shiny loudspeakers in the market, but we’re definitely short on some unconventional design concepts for loudspeakers. The Boenicke Audio W20SE will be much loved by the ‘wild’ music enthusiasts, made from solid Swiss Stone Pine or Spruce Fir Moon. Boenicke claims that the loudspeaker’s wood body can expand or contract, providing for a greater sonic experience. The W20SE loudspeakers are available to choose black Walnut wood or custom-made natural oil finish and have a single peace cross-over between the woofers and the tweeters. The dual 7.9-inch woofers reach down to 20 Hz and have lacquered paper diaphragms.

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The RAAL True Ribbon tweeter can reach up to 100 Kilohertz and incorporates a custom-made cryo-treated silver ware audio transformer by audio consulting. Apparently, users will lose a bit of punch in the bass by 3 ohms with a sensitivity of 95dB. Boenicke recommends operating and storing any W-series speaker in air humidity conditions within plus or minus 20 per cent range. Boenicke Audio W20SE retails for $40,000.

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