BoomCooler is an awfully cool thing!

Hip, all the rage and rocking! That’s something BoomCooler already is and that is also something you will be, once BoomCooler is yours. It will up your cool quotient and also be your new-fangled reason of endless boasting. The BoomCooler essentially packs a car stereo into an ice chest which obviously does not stock your beer or beef. On the contrary it features a CDX-GT320 AM/FM radio and CD Player, two 6” x 9” 240 Watt Max 4-Way Speakers, one 1100 Watt Max 10” Subwoofer and a 4-Channel 600-Watt Amplifier, all from the Sony Xplod line. If it’s Sony you can expect credibility.

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It’s worth $900 and won’t peddle it as expensive or steep or anything like that because its one of the coolest things we have seen around and cool things deserve respect and $900 and we agree! Period!