Bose debuts VideoWave home theater system

If you plan on splurging on some simple, uncomplicated home theater system that is easy to install and operate, now is definitely a good time. Why? Because Bose has debuted its VideoWave, which eliminates the presence of ugly wiring hanging out from here and there and is extremely easy to operate. The genius VideoWave is a home theater product that boasts of a special surround-system integrated into a 46-inch LCD TV. Accompanying this smart home theater system is a minimalist easy to use, RF “click pad” universal remote. The system also boasts of an iPod dock. The simple and smart system is sure to be loved by all.

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Bose has designed an AV box that acts as a hub for the unit and is connected to the TV with a single proprietary cable. There are three HDMI inputs on the back of the hub and one on the front for camcorders and other video devices and a component-video connection on the back, along with other basic AV inputs. The RF click pad remote features a touch interface and doesn’t need to be aimed at the unit, and all the devices it controls can be hidden from view. However, the TV is a 1080p, 120Hz TV and doesn’t offer any 3D capability. But it’s a must-have for those who give top priority to great sound quality.
The VideoWave ships on October 14 and has a price tag that reads $5,349.

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