Bowers & Wilkins 800D sounds refreshing

It’s not about only looking good OR sounding good; impact is produced only when it’s a perfect fusion of both the qualities. B&W’s 800D speakers suffice both the necessities and suits your décor to impressively. Bowers & Wilkins 800D is an astounding revision of an already outstanding high-end full bandwidth design of striking appearance and superb build. It offers greater musical contrasts and transparency, a less intrusive treble, and an overall balance that is finally very close to neutral. The price is about $24,490; thanks to the inclusion of the diamond dome tweeter and Kevlar cones. The 800D can project a supernatural realistic and three-dimensional image that is more stable with changes in listener position than more conventionally shaped speakers.

As befits a speaker of this caliber, the 800D contains several unique refinements, most notably the ultimate in crossover capacitors using silver and gold metals. Bottom line is that the 800D continues to reign supreme for ordinary super rich mortals.

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