Bowers & Wilkins ASW 610XP completes 600 Series family

Bowers & Wilkins, have been a distinguished name for their high-performance loudspeakers for quite some time now. Now the popular 600 Series family adds a new subwoofer, the ASW 610XP, that delivers reference performance. This contraption is really cool and you don’t have to underestimate its performance by its size. The new ASW 610XP utilizes a single 10-inch driver in a carefully calculated sealed enclosure, with substantial power, to surprising results: flat response to 25 Hz (-3 dB) with useful bass extension to 18 Hz (-6 dB), and impressively powerful and dynamic output potential. You can feel the beat with these subs as its “extra powerful” amplifier, a very competent, audiophile-grade Class D design that delivers a true 500 watts to the sub’s operating band.

It can never get better than this, it’s the perfect possession for an audiophile, and for those who think it should look as good as it sounds; today is your lucky day. The newest Bowers & Wilkins sub is available in Black Ash, Red Cherry, or Wenge vinyl-woodgrain finishes and looks ethereal. Get into the groove for $1,200 each.

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