Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus speakers make music beautiful for $60,000

When it comes to sound and audio technology, trust England-based Bowers & Wilkins to get the job done right. The audio firm’s flagship speakers, the Nautilus particularly caught our eye recently, or rather, our ears! These fabulously crafted speakers are audio treats like none other and are cut around some pretty aesthetically-sound designing. Each unit contains a 1″ and 2″ tweeter and a 4″ mid-range driver while a 12″ bass driver brings in the depth.

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Also, these speakers use an active crossover design that allows each driver to operate on its own frequency unlike the more-than-common passive crossover designs. This lends a crisper and clearer final tone output.
The speakers’ bodies are handcrafted from fiberglass-reinforced ABS and are finished with paints and lacquer systems used for luxury automobiles! Measuring 43 1/2″ H x 17″ W x 43 1/2″ D and weighing in at 192lbs, these speakers come for $60,000, a price well-paid for an unmatched audio treat.

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