Bowers & Wilkins unveil its premium Zepplin Air with Apple AirPlay wireless technology

Renowned British loudspeaker company Bowers & Wilkins has launched the Zeppelin – ‘first premium dock to feature the new Apple AirPlay wireless steaming technology’. A completely redefined and redesigned Zeppelin, the AirPlay is identical to its initial Air but internally features a new 24 bit / 96KHz capacity DACs. This iPod speaker takes us to a new level in sound system which B&W prides over and its convenience in using your favourite devices without too much involvement of a computer. Music can be streamed wirelessly from a computer to the Zepplin Air using AirPlay and the remaining function such as track selection, volume control, repeat, etc can be done using your Apple device. It also features improved bass, a high quality black back plate and update iPod docking arm supporting a digital connection.

B&W has been a pioneer in sound engineering technology for over 45 years, offering its services to some of the leading brands the world over. Zeppelin is its ultimate iPod speaker system which allows music lovers to take advantage of both the legends and combine it to enjoy music in a sound system par excellence.