Breathing Oxygen a different ways

So, want to know a different way of using oxygen bars? Well, it’s not much different from how they are normally used but there are some added benefits! The “Entertainment Oxygen Lounge” claims to have the requisite stress-reducing and mood-enhancing equipment, according to BornRich, but it combines that system with a massage chair. And we all know how we feel about those. This might after all be able to win over a cynical skeptic (a terrible combination) like me as well!

And not only this, the Entertainment Oxygen Lounge gets even better. You can just add a DVD player, stereo, and high-end earphones for “audio/video therapy” to an “Aroma O2 Headset,” and you will definitely be in heaven. Now how many of you are okay with skipping the oxygen and grabbing a beer while in the Lounge?