Brikk solid gold and platinum iPhone cases launched

Say hello to one of the most luxurious iPhone accessory. The makers of the world’s most expensive iPhone case – Brikk has launched a line of high-end, pure gold and platinum cases for the iPhone 5. Succeeding the previous Brikk titanium cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, this set of new models are called Haven. The collection includes three models crafted from gold and one model from platinum for the opulent iPhone users. The Haven is a handmade set of cases made by some of the most skilled artisans in the world. The color and finish of these iPhone cases does not wear off, as it is made of solid gold or platinum.

Brikk Solid Gold and Platinum iPhone Case is targeted to the consumer-seeking premium, luxury mobile phone accessories. Each gold model contains 75 grams of gold; while the platinum model features over 100 grams of platinum. Bling lovers can also customize their case with diamonds and other precious stones. The solid pink gold, yellow gold and yellow satin gold model is available for $11610, while the Platinum polished model is available for $14,000.

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This latest Brikk iPhone 5 case not only satisfies the hunger for bling but with sale of each of this product, the brand will forward the proceeds to feed people suffering from hunger all over the world. For each product sold, a specific amount of rice is allocated and distributed to those in need through select NGOs to areas in need such as Somalia and the Sahel.

[Brikk Via Prnewswire]

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