Brionvega’s Doney TV Set

Here’s something that does just what a TV should do with not too many other features to offer. The Doney technology dates back from the 1960s when even a slight advance in the technology would be received with much hype. It was created by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper and was dubbed as the first television set that had a transistor in it. The new version has been revived with a retro theme in mind and a 14 inch screen. The set will be available in a limited edition. It will also incorporate teletext, Scart and SVHS connectivity. This is a great step out of the “conventional” Plasma screens that are used as jaw droppers.

The Brionvega’s Doney TV Set will cost £1,400 ($). There will be just 100 pieces each of black, while and orange colors available.

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