Brunopasso PD-1 coffee maker by Tadahito Ishibashi.

Is there something that cars and coffee share in common? Well, not exactly but yeah sort of in the form of ‘Brunopasso coffee machine’. No points for guessing it is heavily inspired by the sports cars of the 1960’s. Brunopasso PD-1 is created by Japanese designer Tadahito Ishibashi and looks really dapper to be a part of your kitchen. What I like best is the way this coffee machine has been done up with the handle resembling a gear-shift, the dials look like a car’s dashboard and the red, brown and chrome colours remind you of the Ferraris and other to-die-for-cars.

I think its a great thing for a bachelor pad who can have the best of both worlds with Brunopasso PD-1 and with price like $848, its no pain either!

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