Cabasse debuts the $127,000 Ocean speakers

There are high end speakers and there are high end speakers and then there is the gigantic eyeball speaker from French speaker company Cabasse. While today’s high-end speakers go for aesthetic appeal to lure well-heeled music buffs, the eyeball speakers go all out for the sci-fi appeal. The only thing this sci-fi set of speakers has in common with today’s high-end speakers is the whopping asking price. In this case, a cool $127,000! Dubbed The Ocean, these speakers come equipped with a digital room correction system and crossover, along with 2,250 watts of built-in power four-way for each speaker. Resembling one of the creepy robots or even aliens that you come across in many sci-fi flicks, these speakers will surely not fail to stand apart. However, the design is not just about sci-fi appeal; in fact, there is more to it than meets the “eye.”

The Ocean speakers are built as a four-way concentric design. As you move out from the center of the “eye,” each ring delivers lower frequencies while maintaining a perfect phase relationship from any listening position.
The Ocean speakers will begin shipping next spring. So do we have any takers for these uniquely shaped $127,000 speakers?

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