Celsius LeDIX Eternel Tourbillon is the world’s first diamond-studded watch phone

Well you would’ve used your smartphone as a music player or as a portable computer. Some of us even use it at an alarm clock. But a pocket watch? Well, with the LeDIX Eternel from Celsius X VI II aims to be just that. Sporting titanium treated body with “PVD unique works” the phone features 308 white diamonds totaling 2.85-carat. On the top flap the phone features a “tourbillon heart beating beneath a sapphire crystal breast-plate”. The watch is powered by a patented “Remontage Papillon” movement. Crafted with the expertise of 35 craftsmen, technicians and engineers over a period of 6 months, the gadget is priced at a staggering €280,000 ($365,765).

But then again, such exquisite craftsmanship does come at a price.

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