CeraLED: Ultra slim speakers with LED lights

Even though the HT4 speakers are probably one of the most stylishly designed speakers, many still would opt for minimalistic and sleek speakers. For such folks, who prefer slim over large, here are the most slimmest and stylish speakers ever. Known as the CeraLED, these speakers are pencil thin and have the ability to generate 16.7 million colors via 112 rear-facing LED. The ultra slim speakers, which are just 5cm thick, stand tall at 165cm high and have a frequency range of 30-22,000 Hz with subwoofer. This speaker system boasts of two columns with four Ceraplanar flat-cone-drivers, a super-tweeter as well as a subwoofer. The lighting and colors can be changed and controlled via a remote control according to your moods. These speakers are available with either a glass or crystal inlaid stand.

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However, currently there is only set of this amazing speaker available for sale. So, interested folks had better hurry and click here to buy these speakers which are priced highly at £3,995 ($6,500).