Check out Louis Vuitton’s all new wireless earbuds that cost a whopping $995

Louis Vuitton is now extending its streak of luxury to audio devices! In news of sorts, the French marquee is all set to introduce uber-chic earbuds in association with New York based audio company Master & Dynamic. The quintessentially classy audio device comes stamped with the LV logo, making it a must-have for connoisseurs of the brand.

The Horizon earphones as they are called will be launched in four colorways of black, white and red Monogram or yellow and blue LV stripes. The pair will allow for 3.5 hours of listening time on a single charge and will come with an intuitive touch control element. As for the specs, the earphones bear a striking resemblance to Master & Dynamic MW07 variant, with both featuring custom 10mm high-performance Beryllium drivers and an impeccable sound system. However, the horizon buds come additionally embossed with the classic LV logo, the only design element that skyrockets its price to a whopping $995.

Like all other Louis Vuitton accessories, the horizon earbuds come in a package just as appealing as what’s inside it. The audio device comes packed in an LV-monogrammed box, making the deal all the sweeter for ardent LV fans. Minus the branding and jazz that surrounds it though, the MWO7 earbuds promise just the same quality for a price as low as $299. Those still smitten by the alternative can still opt for the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones, expected to release by the end of January.


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